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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Mayans & Aztecs believed that Cacao has been discovered in the Mountain of Sustenance by the Gods themselves. Mayans named it as Ixcacao, the Mother Goddess of Cacao. Before becoming the most popular sweet around the world in form of ice cream, chocolate bar, powder or any other treats of food process saturated in sugar, Mesoamericans used Raw Cacao as medicinal purpose during sacred ceremonies.
As a Medicine plant, Cacao supports a light and gentle healing process but can also reach quite deep layers. 
It acts at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Opening the Heart, grounding the Body and uplifting the Spirit. 

In our ceremonies, you will be 
* introduced to the drink of Raw Cacao 
* Sharing our Intentions 
* Breathwork 
* Chanting 
* Live Sounds
* Meditation 
* Shavassana 

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"Fallen into bliss after heavenly, mind blowing cacao ceremony, loving connections, ahhhh dancing feeling the fire, air, water, stillness within and connection with Mother Earth and the ground. Wow." K, Srithanu. Thailand.

''One of the most cleansing and transformative dance of my life. Pure divine'' L, London. UK.

''Thank you Anja and Simon and team for a lovely evening, a beautiful space and powerful music! Hands down one of the best event I've ever attended. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a gathering of like-hearted souls!! Much Love.'' 
K, London. UK

''That was magical, healing, transformational. Thank you so much for holding space, the music and many beautiful people. Lots of love xxxx'' L, London. UK.

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