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Whenever during their workshops, cacao ceremonies, sound journeys or temple day  Anja & Simon always focus on creating a safe and sacred space where participants can freely explore their inner landscapes and sacredness. In silence, movement, dancing, sound, sacred circle of sharing, music and meditation. Their way of spreading their work is based on expanding the boundaries of the Mind, connecting to the Heart and grounding of the Body. They believe that the healing process becomes very potent and effective when the Heart is working in partnership with the Mind, without a division nor exclusion of one another. They also believe that a sacred environment helps unlocking the ancient universal code that resonates in all of us. 

Their message is peace, love and self healing.

Anja HeLuah Mury is a shamanic healer, a Daughter of the Moon & artist and is devoted to her path of unravelling the truth. She loves to create sacred space for everyone to feel nurtured and secure while being on a transformational journey.

On one of her journeys she became acquainted with the plant Medicine of Raw Cacao. The heart-opening wisdom of Cacao connected her back to nature. Dancing the 5 Elements Anja understood that all these elements are not just to be found in our surroundings, but also in each one of us.
She believes that dance has the capability to heal our bodies from old traumas that we hold tightly within us. Anja uses dance as a tool to enter our inner landscapes.

Anja is a shamanic apprentice of Brazilian shaman XamAM Alba Maria and follows the Mother Goddess lineage. She has been trained in 5 Elements Dance and Kundalini Dance. Anja is also an initiate of Ceremonial Cacao. 

Anja is a Light Grid therapist and uses an intuitive fusion of Reiki and Innate Feminine Wisdom Healing during her energy healing sessions. She holds regular workshops and sacred cacao ceremonies in Berlin and at holistic European festivals.

Simon Debonnaire is a cabanero, bodyworker and massage therapist.

He works with the Sweat-Lodge medicine and shamanic massage (element earth). He also offers different circles of healing which include shamanic trance dance, authentic voice/singing circle, sound journeys/meditation workshops. 

He has passed his initiation and received the permission of serving the medicine of the Sweatlodge to others from his teacher XamAM Alba Maria from Brazil (Terra Mirim Tribe).

He is dedicated to the shamanism of the mother goddess and to the medicine of the four elements.

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