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This bodywork session is a shamanic massage specifically connected to the Earth element. The session will work with the Four Elements but it will be focused on the Earth.

Out of the four elements, the Earth is the one that tells you what to do. She gives you the impulses to go further onto our path, to take the steps and move forward. And she tells you what to do AND how you have to do it. 


It is a deep work of integration and trauma release. But it’s also a really beautiful process of healing and self care. 

The session has 6 different parts :


1- Talking and sharing about the intention you want to bring in the session. The things you want to focus on or process. 

2- Full body massage with oil. (50 to 60 mins)

3- Full body massage with healing clay. (Up to 30 mins)

The clay purifies by pulling the toxins and heavy memories out of the body. 

4- One to one Sweatlodge* (without the clay that you will take off before entering the lodge)

5- Warm herbal bath 

6- resting by the fire, integration.


*the step 4 is only for the people who already have experience with the medicine of the sweatlodge. If you have never experienced the sweatlodge before, we will directly go to step 5& 6 after the clay massage. (Check out our next group sweat-lodge on our website. We offer them on a regular basis and so this is the opportunity for you to get to know this wonderful medicine or you can also book a one to one session). 


This session lasts up to 4 hours.


For the Shamanic Massage, please come to Müncheberg. 


Note : Simon has learnt this massage technique from one of his teacher, shaman Andiara Leão from the Terra Mirim tribe. He also received her blessings and permission to share this technique with others. 


For bookings & price enquiries

please send an email to Simon:


or click here:





Simon is a professional certified massage therapist with 10 years experience. He has learnt and came across many different techniques such as : 


- Lomi-Lomi

- Abhyanga

- Therapeutic Deep Tissue

- Relaxing Swedish

- Hot stones

- Bambu massage

- Foot reflexology

- Aroma Oil massage

- Traditional Thai Yoga massage (without oil)


He is offering mobile massage by coming directly to your house with his massage table OR you can also come to him in Müncheberg and have a session in a beautiful outdoor and natural environment, under a tipi, by the fire or when the weather allows it just outside with an open sky. 



60 mins,

90 mins, 

120 mins, 

…or more on demand.  


MORE INFO & details by email :




For bookings & price enquiries

please send an email to Simon:


or click here:

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