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"Dance is my prayer and I dance to awaken the Goddess in me. 

Right now I am on the path of discovering what it means to be a woman and to own my divine femininity. Anja guides me on my journey of transformation - of death and rebirth. My journey of deep surrender to womanhood which is scary because of the infinite power and responsibility that comes with it.  Anja creates a safe and sacred space for us to dive deeper, to travel into the underworld and return - shining brighter!  All of us women created a sacred circle together where we were holding and supporting each other in our journey. We whispered our deepest wishes into roses and offered them to the Goddess - to life itself!  I see Anja as a gatekeeper

to this infinite realm of ancient feminine wisdom which is for every woman to discover on her own.

Thank You for sharing your wisdom and holding space for me, for us. In deep gratitude!"  Masha, Berlin

" Every second of the workshop was clearly filled with Anjas dedication and love. For the purpose of awakening the beautiful and powerful energies in our bodies, movements, awareness. I very much enjoyed the warmth of her approach and the delicate music!! Felt super smooth after the 3 hours. I could imagine to go deeper into the several archetypes, the workshop aroused my interest and gave me first impulses. It opened up an access to that interesting, power- and beautiful  field of working with the inner archetypes." Sandra, Berlin

"Those three evenings in our little, yet so womanly and cosy round of women, truly have been a journey. I had my doubts at first. But then I understood it's about you, if you are willing to learn about yourself and let it happen to proof our first impression wrong.  - The workshop really showed me some things which I tried to forget, because I thought they wouldn't fit in this world and society and some of which I just dared to dream about. I got my point of view refreshed and now it's time to stay focused on the flame aroused inside. Thanks a lot for the opportunity of this experience." Mandy, Berlin

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