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Our Sacred Temple of the Sun, the Moon & the 4 Elements opens for you 
to pray
to honour Mother Nature
to offer
to gather in silence
to open to the old sacred hidden part within
to contemplate
to meditate 
and to simply rest in Peace. 

The Sun Moon Temple is a sacred container created for you to connect again - to yourself and to all there is.
We encourage you to set intentions of what you want to bring into your life. What are the changes that you would like to see in your life? What trait or vision would you like to see more of within yourself?
Write it down on a piece of paper, bring it to the Temple and offer it to one of the altars or you can say your wishes in silence to the altar of your choice. Each altar will have a different purpose, see which one calls you the most.​

"I was in the temple, made by Anja and Simon and I didn't expected to feel so in touch with myself and the elements. When I came in, there was peace, a special silence and my feeling was to be in a sacred space, in a sacred temple like the ones I have been to in India...

No space, no time just be...

and you can feel the energy, a powerful energy flowing around you. Every single altar is made with love, gratitude and devotion to the element..and you can feel it... it is a deep journey within yourself.. accompanied by the earth, the fire, the air and the water.

Thank you." Alessandra, Berlin

Anja_CocoaCeremony_146 Wesite
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