TERRA MIRIM Medicine Songs (NEW MOON) 24.04.20

TERRA MIRIM Medicine Songs and Singing Circle (NEW MOON)

On the day of the NEW MOON we will meet in circle, to sing together using our intuition and creativity and to express the songs of our Heart & Soul.

I will also share Medicine Songs & Mantras coming from my Earth & Heart Tribe TERRA MIRIM (more infos below).

Singing together is such a wonderful & healing tool! And I am very happy to open this space of celebration and look forward to meeting you in the circle.


"Hey Terra Mirim! Beautiful Tribe.

May the Wisdom and Beauty of your songs resonate in the Berliner Sky.

May it grounds ourselves down to Earth so we can open our Magical Wings and together fly

Hey Terra Mirim! Beautiful Tribe."


:::WHEN :



:::WHERE :

Private location in Kreuzberg by Görlitzer Park. Address will be shared after registration.


Donation based : between 12€-15€-20€

Giving from your heart and depending of your budget




Facilitated by Simon Debonnaire

***Simon Debonnaire is a body worker, musician, vocal therapist, visionary poet & short novelist. Sharing his work in the rhythm of his Shamanic Drum, sounds, music and meditation, he always works with the idea of creating a sacred and safe space for those who wish to dive deep within themselves. He is a student of Brazilian Shamans Alba Maria (XamAM) and Dhan Ribeiro of the Terra Mirim Community, in the lineage of the Mother Goddess. He holds shamanic circles, urban rituals, authentic voice and singing circle, sound journeys and meditation workshops. And co-creates Wellness & Spiritual Festivals and Shamanic Gatherings.***

About Simon`s work :

WEBSITE : https://www.sunmoon-alchemy.com/

Facebook groups : www.facebook.com/sunmoonalchemy https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredspiritofsound https://www.facebook.com/groups/cacaoceremony/


So much Gratitude. I have genuinely not felt such a profound, safe and gently held cauldron of remembering before. N. (Berlin)


Thank you again for this sacred space of co-creating and inspiring to digging the roots deeper into the heart-centered awareness. M. (Berlin)


Simon created a rich, challenging, very touching and connecting way right into the places you so long tried to hide from and call for liberation. (…) I had an experience I will be thankful for all my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my voice, Simon, for creating this beautiful safe place to jump from the cliff, and I thank myself for being so brave to jump, too!!

A. (Berlin)


Through the evenings we’re weaving a strong web of healing sounds and prayers. This web also guides me through the next days and weeks. My heart opens up and all I feel is pure joy and love. For me this is the best thing. AHO!

B. (Berlin)

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