Shamanic Retreat 09.-13.06.21

Shamanic Retreat - Vision Quest & Cabana (Purification Lodge)

09. - 13.06.21

Dear ones,

feel welcome to our Shamanic Retreat which will run from the 9th to 13th June 2021. We will meet in a beautiful nature spot 1hr away from Berlin where we will guide you to the ancient medicines of Vision Quest and Cabana (Purification Lodge/ Sweat Lodge).

It will be the opportunity for you to reconnect with nature and spend a few days with yourself. To take this time to reflect, integrate, transform and heal. We are really happy to share this work with you and to guide you during this process.

During our retreat, we will have two rituals of Cabana (one at the beginning and one at the end of the retreat) and a 3 Days-2 nights Vision Quest.



***CABANA (Purification Lodge/Reinigungshütte/Schwitzhütte)*** is an ancient medicine of the Four Elements where we enter a very beautiful and intense process of purification. It is also known as the Medicine of Grand Mother Spider, who is weaving Her web of Consciousness.

The Four Elements and Grand Mother Spider are powerful and wise teachers. With their permission, we will go through a process of rebirthing, returning to our essence and connecting to the Womb of the Earth.


Historically, the Vision Quest is a spiritual journey and was often used as a rites of passage for adolescents entering into a new phase in their life.

It was believed participants received strength from spirit, gained maturity, a connection with nature and their ancestors and received a great knowledge about life.

There is a time of purification before the Vision Quest, with specific customs for different communities; traditionally fasting or using a sweat lodge. When the quester is ready, they leave their community for the wilderness and find an isolated place. A symbolic circle will then be made and entered alone to be at one with their thoughts and spirit, forgoing food and sometimes sleep for a duration of time. Dreams, visions or hallucinations can often be experienced as a result of sleep and food deprivation. These visions are believed to be sacred and a gift from the spirit and the ancestors for the person who receives them.

My interpretation of the Vision Quest is that it is very simple but demanding medicine. Simple in the way it requires you to connect with nature and yourself in a symbolic circle of space. Demanding in that when entering the circle, you have little water and if food, very little. That makes this a challenge physically but you also only have your inner voice for company.

You are in the silence that nature provides, away from all the noise, stimulations and distractions of everyday life. Now, you have the time and space to really concentrate on that voice, to observe it, to dig deep and finally really listen to it. You can start to understand its true message and work to connect with it. What is it saying? What questions are there to be answered? What belongs to you and what doesn’t? This quest may pose the biggest mental challenge you will ever have faced. And potentially the greatest reward. The feeling of connecting with nature, and letting yourself be open to the cycles, elements and the perennial wisdom of nature, is ultimately connecting you with your own spirit. As children of the universe, it is our fundamental truth.

It really is a journey of personal growth and spiritual connection, allowing you to move closer to your inner being and your pure self.


9th JUNE :

- Arrival time from 11h.

- Arrive at Vision Quest and be greeted by your guide

- A brief introduction at base camp

- Find and prepare your space in order to enter the following morning

- Sharing circle, speaking about our intentions for this retreat.

- CABANA RITUAL (Purification Lodge)

- Dinner provided whilst resting around a campfire

10th JUNE :

- Breakfast provided and prepare to enter the circle

-ENTER THE CIRCLE for the duration. The guides will be on hand for any emergencies. They will also let you know when your time in the circle has finished.

12th JUNE in the evening, when you will come back from your Circle :

- CABANA RITUAL (Purification Lodge)

- Dinner provided whilst resting around the campfire

- Overnight stay.

13th JUNE :

- Breakfast provided, sharing circle about our experiences and prepare to leave.


Simon Debonnaire is a medicine man, cabanero, bodyworker and therapist.

He holds Cabana rituals (Purification Lodge) and different circles of healing which include shamanic trance dance, authentic voice/singing circle, sound journeys/meditation workshops. He is an apprentice of XamAM Alba Maria from Terra Mirim Movement and is dedicated to the shamanism of the Mother Goddess and to the Medicines of the Four Elements.


I’m Mitchell and I’ve been walking the path of self-knowledge for 5 years. I found my teacher in Brazil in 2015, it has been a journey ever since and not an easy one at that. It comes full of twists, turns, highs and lows and it still persists to unravel. Right now the most important thing for me is balance in the everyday by building positive habits. Over time I’ve been finding more peace, authentic joy and happiness and learning to walk with life rather than against it.

My initiation to the Vision Quest commenced in 2018 in Brazil with my teacher, XamAM Alba Maria. Through this period in Brazil I entered the circle many times - all different durations and intentions. I really found my medicine. Since then my initiation has included Vision Quests in different climates and in landscapes of snow, mountains and ocean. The desert is still to come. I’m always yearning to be back on my next quest, back in the circle, simplifying and reconnecting.

My beliefs are that nature is an amazing healer and teacher. Reconnecting and learning to work with nature is an important step into our future. As well as finding purpose or passion, something that helps you live a more embodied life.

I also believe in guiding the younger generation. We are all angels on a dusty road and for those who have cleaned the dust off themselves and wish to become elders, this is of utmost importance. I am yet to start this work, planning to integrate it into the Vision Quest soon.

As I write this I am living in Berlin with my girlfriend. I love listening to and making music, reading and learning more about permaculture. During lockdown I have found a lot of joy through cooking healthy food, exercising, deepening my mediation practice and being in the body.





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