Purification Lodge (Sweat Lodge) - Evening Ritual 07.-08.08.21



This is an invitation to enter the Womb of Mother Earth and to dive into a profound process of purification.

The Medicine of Cabana (Purification Lodge, Sweat Lodge) is an ancient medicine of the Four Elements. It is also known as the Medicine of Grand Mother Spider, who is weaving Her web of Consciousness.

The Four Elements and Grand Mother Spider are powerful and wise masters. With their permission, we will go through a process of rebirthing, returning to our essence and connecting to the Womb of the Earth.


:::WHEN :

Begins SATURDAY 7th AUGUST (14h)

Ends SUNDAY 8th AUGUST (10h)

:::WHERE :

Müncheberg (close to Berlin), Brandenburg

40 min by train from Berlin Ostkreuz and Lichtenberg

::: SHORT SCHEDULE : Arrival time from 14h on the 7th August. We will do the preparations together in order to enter the Lodge in the evening. After the ritual, you will have the possibility of sleeping at the place if you bring your own tent & sleeping bag.


Also bring your breakfast for the 8th August morning


To reserve your place and get more infos. Please send an email to:



Facilitated by Simon Debonnaire

***Simon Debonnaire is a cabanero, bodyworker and therapist.

He holds Cabana rituals (Purification Lodge) and different circles of healing which include shamanic trance dance, authentic voice/singing circle, sound journeys/meditation workshops. He is an apprentice of XamAM Alba Maria from Terra Mirim Movement and is dedicated to the shamanism of the Mother Goddess and to the Medicines of the Four Elements.***

About Simon`s work :

WEBSITE : https://www.sunmoon-alchemy.com/

Facebook groups : www.facebook.com/sunmoonalchemy https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredspiritofsound https://www.facebook.com/groups/cacaoceremony/


So much Gratitude. I have genuinely not felt such a profound, safe and gently held cauldron of remembering before. N. (Berlin)


Thank you again for this sacred space of co-creating and inspiring to digging the roots deeper into the heart-centered awareness. M. (Berlin)


Simon created a rich, challenging, very touching and connecting way right into the places you so long tried to hide from and call for liberation. (…) I had an experience I will be thankful for all my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my voice, Simon, for creating this beautiful safe place to jump from the cliff, and I thank myself for being so brave to jump, too!!

A. (Berlin)


Through the evenings we’re weaving a strong web of healing sounds and prayers. This web also guides me through the next days and weeks. My heart opens up and all I feel is pure joy and love. For me this is the best thing. AHO!

B. (Berlin)