Living Poets Society - An evening of sharing Poetry 16.01.21

O CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN! Living Poets Society - An evening of sharing Poetry and Spoken Words (Online)

This is an evening for all the amateurs and lovers of poetry where we will share our poem creations with one another. This is an opportunity to hear poetry and to share ours. Wether your poetry speaks about awareness, nature, depression, love, hope or anything. You are welcome to join and to share it within the circle. it will be heard and witnessed.

The evening will be dedicated to poetry, spoken words but also music for those who would like to share their original creations or songs (with or without instruments).

If you want to take part, please send me a quick email and I will share with you the ZOOM link.

Contact : sunmoonalchemy108(at)

- The event will be held in English but you can share your poems in any language. - The event is for free but you can make a donation through Paypal if you want to (5€, 7€ or more, you decide). - If you want to join the event only to listen without sharing any poetry. YES! It is possible and you are also welcome!

The meeting will start on Saturday 16th January from 20h and depending of the flow, it should be around 1h30 to 2h long.

Let us remember that poetry is one of the numerous language that the Universe uses to communicate with us!

:::::ABOUT THE SPACE HOLDER::::: Simon Debonnaire is a visionary poet, short novelist, cabanero, bodyworker and therapist. He holds Cabana rituals (Purification Lodge) and different circles of healing which include shamanic trance dance, authentic voice/singing circle, sound journeys/meditation workshops. He is an apprentice of Brazilian XamAM Alba Maria from Terra Mirim Movement and is dedicated to the shamanism of the Mother Goddess and to the Medicines of the Four Elements


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