Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training - Berlin 28.4.-2.5.21

An Initiation into the Sacred Art of Holding Cacao Ceremonies

Embodied Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training

28.4. - 02.5.21

Berlin, Germany

An Initiation into the Sacred Art of Holding Cacao Ceremonies

with Anja Mury

∞ Sun Moon Alchemy ∞

This is an invite to a journey to deeply connect with the Spirit of Cacao.

It is a journey to open your heart, to heal old wounds, to transform fear into love and to empower you to be a Sacred Space Holder in a safe and compassionate way.

The training will support you to find your unique sacred cacao ceremonial style.

During this Sacred Adventure we will spend plenty of time in nature. We will visit a forest, a wild field together with a river stream to connect to the plant kingdom, to refine our senses and to commune with the plant world.

It is a journey into your own truth.

The training will enable you to heal your own wounds. Once you have healed yourself, you will be able to assist others in their healing process.

We will play with our CREATIVITY to get more in touch with ourselves and our true inner callings.

We shall use INTUITIVE DANCE as a healing modality to heal old wounds, to connect to our bodies and learn to embrace everything that we are.

It is a journey into your own truth.

The facilitator training will cover:

* an initiation into the use of Sacred Cacao

* learn how to prepare Ceremonial Cacao

* create and hold Sacred Space

* find your unique ceremonial style

* creative exercises to unleash your creativity

* tools to empower you / to become a facilitator

* spending time in nature to connect to the plant kingdom

* feel confident to hold Sacred Space

* connect more deeply with your gifts and potentials

You will complete the 5 day training (4 full days, plus one opening ceremony evening) with skills to hold your own, unique Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

During the training we will emphasise on:

* Connect and open your heart

* Connect to nature

* Unleash your creativity

* Heal old wounds

* Recognising your true potentials

* The path of your own truth

About your Guide:

Anja Mury is a sacred space provider, earth keeper & earth priestess and devoted to her path of unravelling the truth. She loves to create sacred space for everyone to feel nurtured and secure while being on a transformational journey.

On one of her journeys she became acquainted with the plant Medicine of Raw Cacao. The heart-opening wisdom of Cacao connected her back to nature and her own body. Dancing the 4 Elements Anja understood that all these elements are not just to be found in our surroundings, but also in each one of us. Anja is a shamanic apprentice of Brazilian master shaman Alba Maria and follows the Mother Goddess lineage. Anja is an initiate of Ceremonial Cacao.

She has been trained in 5 Elements Dance and Kundalini Dance.  Anja is a Light Grid therapist and uses an intuitive fusion of Reiki and Innate Feminine Wisdom Healing during her energy healing sessions. She holds regular workshops and sacred cacao ceremonies in Berlin, London, at holistic European festivals and seasonally in Koh Phangan in Thailand.

Price for Embodied Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training:

prices for 2021 to be announced soon

* A non-refundable deposit of 120 Euro is needed to secure your place.

* Payment plans are available. Please inquire.


to book your place, please fill in the

booking form

or send an email to souldance108(at)

and tell us briefly about your spiritual journey


The facilitator training is to prepare you for Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with a meditative approach.

We will use dance as part of the embodiment exercise, to help you dive deeper into the wisdom of your bodies, but dance will not be part of the Sacred Cacao Ceremony itself.


You should have taken part at least at one of Sun Moon Alchemy’s cacao ceremonies.

If this is not possible for you, we could arrange a one-to-one Skype session.

There might be some accommodation possibilities at the venue. Please get in touch with Anja if you are interested.


28.4. - 02.5.2021


EDEN Studios, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

5 min walk from S/U Bahn Pankow

For any questions, please send an email to souldance108(at)

or click here.

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A special thanks to Daisy Kaye who initiated me into Sacred Ceremonial Cacao

and to Shaman XamAM Alba Maria who is continuously guiding me on the path of the truth.

∞ * ∞ ♥ ∞ * ∞ ♥ ∞

"If you never searched for truth come with us and you will become a seeker. If you were never a musician come with us and you will find your voice. You may posses immense wealth come with us and you will become love's beggar. (…) In our gathering one candle lights hundreds, we will light your path and give you courage so you will open like a flower and join in our joyous laughter. Plant the seed of truth and watch it grow when it spreads its branches come with us and sit under the blossoms. Your eyes will open to the secret of Truth." Rumi ∞ * ∞ ♥ ∞ * ∞ ♥ ∞

To BOOK your place, please fill in the

booking form

or send an email to souldance108(at)

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